American Opto Plus

LogoHHP Associates, Inc., a division of ESI,  is the Florida representative for American Opto Plus, an ISO 9002 certified leading manufacturer of LED lamps, displays, SMD lamps, and many other LED-related products.

The current factory located in China can produce 300 million LED lamps and 100 million LED displays per month. With over 30 production lines utilizing automated equipment, they provide a wide selection of products with the highest quality and consistency.

To provide top-tier customer service, American Opto Plus was established in 1995 to assist North American customers with engineering and provide an extensive selection of off-the-shelf product inventory, helping minimize delivery lead times and facilitating product design.

Power Supplies

Automotive Qualified LEDs

Capacitive Touch Display


Custom LED PCB Assembly


High Power LED

LED Backlight

LED Bulbs

LED Clusters


LED Holder

LED Lamps

LED Light Strip

LED Thru-Hole Display




SMD LED Displays

Super Flux LEDs


Ultra-Thin LED Displays