APM Hexseal Overview

HHP Associates, Inc., a division of ESI, is the Florida representative for APM Hexseal, a prime supplier for the boating industry, beverage dispensing machinery, combat equipment of all kinds, off-road vehicles, medical equipment, a broad range of instrumentation and communications equipment: the list goes on and on. APM Hexseal designed and patented the very first sealing boot in the late 1940s and, in doing so, set the standards for the developing industry to follow.

APM manufactures environmental sealing boots for switches and circuit breakers, colorizing lamp filters, custom elastomeric molding, self-sealing fasteners, high pressure, self-sealing screws, bolts, nuts and washers.

Sealing Boots and Bushings

Sealing Hardware

  • Toggle boots, pushbutton boots, rotary boots, circuit breaker boots, rocker boots, bushing seals
  • Protects electrical devices and equipment from rain, snow, wind, sun, chemicals and more
  • Available in a variety of styles
  • Easy installation
  • Seelskrews and seelbolts, seelnuts and seeloc washers
  • Easy installation, removal and reuse