Astrodyne TDI - Military Applications Overview

LogoHHP Associates, Inc., a division of ESI,  is the Florida representative for Astrodyne TDI, an international leader in the design and manufacture of standard and custom EMI/EMC/RFI Filters. Astrodyne TDI designs and manufactures innovative power solutions for demanding applications worldwide. Astrodyne TDI is a sanctioned military supplier to the Department of Defense and has specialized in equipment that meets stringent military standards for over 50 years.

Astrodyne TDI uses Highly Accelerated Stress Testing (HAST) to ensure high performance and reliability under challenging circumstances, such as extreme temperatures, humidity, salt spray, fungus, sand and dust, high altitudes, and shocks and vibrations.

Both commercial off-the-shelf and custom supplies are available through Astrodyne.

Power Supplies

High Rel COTS Bricks

LiquaBlade™ Liquid-Cooled AC/DC

Air Cooled AC/DC

Outdoor Sealed

  • High Efficiency, High Reliability
  • Superior Thermal Design keeps bricks cool in harsh/extreme conditions
  • 40-1000 Watts
  • -40°C to +100°C Operation
  • PFC (Power Factor Correction)
  • Broad Range of Standard Power Products
  • Ideal for N+1 Redundancy Power Schematics
  • Custom Design Services
  • Industrial grade, high power three-phase AC-DC power supplies
  • 16.5 kW in a single 1U rack style package
  • High-frequency switch-mode design offers full active power factor correction, near unity power factor and excellent output responsiveness.
  • 380-480V 50/60 Hz AC input range
  • Fully programmable
  • 800W – 4.3kW, Hot Plug
  • Output voltages from 12V – 400V
  • Fixed and Programmable Output
  • Universal AC Input of 90-264VAC
  • N+1 redundant systems
  • 500W -2.5kW
  • Convection cooled IP67
  • 24V - 300V
  • Universal AC Input of 90-264VAC

EMI Filters

Military EMI Filters - COTS




  • Complete range of AC and DC EMI/RFI/EMC filters for military and aerospace apps
  • Off-the-shelf performance for MIL-STD-461 and RTCA/DO-160 apps
  • Ambient -40°C to +80°C (-40°F to +176°F).
  • Operating temperature range up to 100°C (212°F) and storage temp down to -55°C (-131°F).

Custom Products

Custom Power

Custom Military EMI Filters



  • MIL-STD compliant
  • Turn-key solutions
  • 5W to 16.5 kW
  • Foundation of larger system solutions up to 500kW
  • Offered for any current and voltage ratings and for 50/60Hz and 400Hz apps
  • Astrodyne can meet virtually any custom need
  • Value-added solutions available: integrations of other components (breakers, fuses, etc.) into modular filter package
  • Can be supplied with various levels of surge and transient voltage protection (EMP, HEMP and HERF)
  • Harmonic EMI filters also offered for MIL-STD-461 CE101 requirements