BellowsTech Products Company Overview

BellowsTechHHP Associates, Inc., a division of ESI, is the Florida representative for BellowsTech. BellowsTech is a proud member of the MW Industries family of companies, the largest and most diversified specialty spring, fastener and metal components manufacturer in the world.

BellowsTech is an edge welded metal bellows manufacturer. Metal bellows provide an all-metal pressure barrier and seal that flexes in one or more directions. Edge welded metal bellows provide the most flex in the smallest amount of space of any bellows technology on the market. With various materials and configurations, BellowsTech can achieve the pressure, temperature, and leak rate requirements that customers demand.

For more than fifty years, BellowsTech® has been receiving exceptional quality ratings consistently from its OEM manufacturing customers worldwide. BellowsTech® products are used in mission critical applications in aerospace, defense, medical, and oil and gas.





Mechanical Seals

Volume Compensator

  • Transfer pressure or temperature into a linear motion
  • Edge welded bellows allow long stroke, excellent media compatibility and high temp and pressure
  • Edge welded bellows ideal in storing energy of liquid or gas
  • Edge welded bellows can travel 90% of their free length
  • Guide and over-travel stop options
  • Special housing options
  • Bellows' mechanical seals eliminate O-rings to increase compatibility and reduce potential leak paths
  • Higher flow rates and less clogging than traditional spring seals
  • Optional O-ring grooves, flanges and carbon-face seals
  • Multiple sizes and stroke lengths
  • Compensate for volumetric changes of liquid or gas
  • Bridge gap between thermal or pressure differentials
  • Custom machined components or standard threads and fittings
  • Optional protective housing
  • Many additional configurations to meet your requirements


Lifter Bellows

Mechanical Feedthroughs

Vibration Dampener

  • Low leak rates, custom designs and flexibility
  • Ensure proper wafer placement and seating
  • In-house design can create solution to match size and speed requirements
  • Allow movement of a tool within sealed environment under vacuum or positive pressure
  • Translate rotation from an input shaft to colinear output shaft while sealing hermetically
  • Greatest flexibility and motion of any bellows technology with 90% stroke length
  • Cost-effective, reliable solution
  • Isolate vibration while sealing hermetically
  • Custom mounting and sizing
  • Eliminate effects of vibration from one point in system to another
  • High pressure and temperature applications


Titanium Bellows

Inconel Bellows

Hastelloy Bellows

Stainless Steel Bellows

  • For apps requiring high strength material with lightweight construction and media compatibility
  • Nickel-based alloy with superior corrosion resistance and temperature performance to stainless steel
  • Cost-effective for assemblies that require flexible connection that can withstand temperators higher than 1000°F.
  • Superior chemical compatibility great for applications with highly specialized and corrosive media
  • Best price to performance ratio
  • Maintain high strength and custom design with varying thicknesses
  • AM350, 316L, 321, 347 and 304L stainless steels available