Emerging Power Overview

logoHHP Associates, Inc., a division of ESI, is the Florida representative for Emerging Power, manufacturer of OEM and replacement batteries and charger products based in New Jersey.

Emerging Power provides a formidable repository of battery chemistry and technology expertise that offers advantages for a wide variety of applications covering portable electronic devices, transportation and grid energy storage for a variety of industries, including aerospace, medical, telecom, industrial and marine.

They provide custom design for both commercial and military applications using U.S.-based design engineering, development and technical support necessary for your unique battery needs. Emerging Power handles the entire custom design process from molds/molding of your plastic case, support in printed circuit board (rigid or flex) design including "smart" SMBus design, battery pack assembly, customized ATE testing and real-time x-ray inspection when required.

They provide U.S.-based design engineering, development, technical support and warehousing supported by Asia-based overseas manufacturing facilities.

Custom Designed
Portable Power Solutions

Smart Standardized
Packs & Chargers


  • Apps include OEM, government agencies, military/aerospace, industrial and aftermarket
  • Expertise in design, manufacturing and testing from commercial to military environments
  • Standard size battery packs for apps including OEM, government agencies, military/aerospace, industrial and aftermarket
  • Lithium
  • Alkaline
  • Industrial alkaline
  • NIMH rechargable batteries



Polymer Cells

Specialty Batteries

Land Mobile Radio

  • Large format
  • Small cell IT model
  • Small cell RC model


  • Silver oxide batteries
  • Manganese dioxide batteries
  • CR lithium coin batteries
  • OEM apps such as two-way radio, portable data scanner, unmanned aerial vehicles, medical equipment, security systems and more
  • Light weight with extended battery capacity
  • Lithium ion, nickle metal hydride, nickel cadmium
  • Factory Mutual "intrisically safe" certified