Hi-Rel/Military Connector Solutions

HHP Associates, Inc., a division of ESI, is the Florida representative for Positronic, a global manufacturer of D-sub, rectangular, modular, circular and high power connectors and Advanced Interconnections, which designs and manufactures customized interconnect solutions for semiconductor development and high reliability electronic applications. Industries include medical, military, aerospace, industrial, rail and more.

Key products include high power, D-sub, rectangular, modular and circular connectors. Features include options for mixed density, blind mating, optical, waterproof (IP67), hermetic, thermocouple, spaceflight, mil-spec, solder/wire/press-fit terminations and various accessories. Connector types include options for free cable, PCB mount and panel mount. Positronic is known globally for the unique ability to quickly modify existing or create new products to meet application-specific needs.

Advanced Interconnections
IC sockets, package conversion adapters, and board-to-board connectors feature screw-machined terminals for field proven performance and durability. From prototype to production volumes, innovative designs are produced to customer-specific requirements in our fully integrated manufacturing facility in the USA.

Positronics - Featured Categories

Panther PA Series

Standard Density Family

Slim Power Family

Scorpion Family

  • Rugged IP65/67 connector for use in rail, earth moving, battery and related applications
  • 3 #12 contacts; 2 #12 and 6 #22 contacts; or 10 #18 contacts
  • Operating temperatures up to 200°C
  • UV, shock and vibration and salt spray protected
  • Standard density D-subs with size 20 machined contacts
  • #20 contacts, M23408 and M39029
  • SD Series: Industrial applications, crimp contacts
  • MD Series: Industrial apps, fixed contacts
  • RD Series: Mil/Aero, crimp contacts
  • MDX Series: Industrial or Mil/Aero, fixed contacts
  • HDC Series: Mil/Aero, fixed contacts
  • SND Series: Spaceflight applications, crimp or fixed contacts
  • Low-profile, stackable power connector
  • #20 contacts
  • GF Series: PCB termination - straight solder and wire termination
  • GFPL Series: PCB termination - right angle solder
  • The most versatile modular power/signal connector on the market
  • SP Series: Standard profile connectors of 14.60mm height
  • LSP Series: Low profile connectors of 8.20mm height

Advanced Interconnections - Featured Categories

IC Sockets

Package Conversion Adapters

Board-to-Board Connectors

  • SIP Sockets and Adapters
  • DIP Sockets and Adapters
  • Closed Frame LED Sockets
  • Decoupling Capacitor DIP Sockets
  • PGA Sockets and Adapters
  • Image Sensor Sockets
  • Customized Sockets and Adapters
  • SOIC to DIP Adapters
  • PLCC to PGA Adapters
  • LGA/BGA SMT Adapters
  • QFP Adapters
  • Customized Adapter Solutions
  • Mezza-pede® SMT Connectors
  • B2B® SMT Connectors
  • Thru-Hole Connectors
  • Right Angle Connectors
  • Customized Connector Solutions