MH&W International Corporation Overview

Marinco Power ProductsHHP Associates, Inc., a division of Electronic Salesmasters, Inc., is the local representative for MH&W International Corporation, a highly specialized sales and engineering organization in the United States, Canada and Mexico for high quality ferrites, bobbins, thermal interface materials and powder cores.

MH&W International Corporation supports the telecommunication and power supply industries with products, technologies, and services that promote its customers' immediate and long-term goals.

With sales offices and warehouses in key cities throughout North America, MH&W is ready to serve its customers quickly and efficiently. In addition to providing high-quality reliable products, MH&W operates as an exclusive engineering and marketing interface between several major global manufacturers and its US, Canadian and Mexican customers.

Ferrite Cores

Powder Cores

Nanocrystalline / NANOPERM®

The most technically advanced manufacturers in the world.

  • PC47/PC90/PC95 (Power)
  • N97/N92/N95 (Power)
  • HF90/T35 (CMC)

The largest manufacturer of ferrites in the world.

  • TP4D/TP4F/TP5B (Power)
  • TBP22/TPW33 (Power)

Chang Sung (CSC)
The world’s largest producer of powder cores.

  • Including Sendust, MegaFlux, HighFlux and MPP
  • Core Shapes: Toroids, EE/ER/EER, EQ, Block/Ellipse

Premier producer of Nanocrystalline Cores in the world.

Cores for:

  • Common Mode Choke
  • EMI Filter
  • Current Transformer
  • Motor Bearing Protection
  • Smart Grid Metering
  • Noise Spike Killer