Power Sonic Overview

LogoHHP Associates, Inc., a division of ESI, is the local representative for Power Sonic, a force in the global battery business for nearly 50 years. Power Sonic's range of battery products includes sealed lead acid (SLA) and lithum ion phosphate (LiFeP04) technologies, chargers and related accessories. They also provide cutting-edge energy storage solutions for smarter energy management. Sectors serviced include industrial automation, life safety, medical, powersport and utilities infrastructure.

VRLA Batteries


Sealed lead acid, lithium or powersport

PS Series: General purpose VRLA batteries design with AGM

PG Series: Long life general purpose VRLA batteries

PHR Series: VRLA batteries with superb high-rate discharge characteristics ensure reliable performance in UPS

PDC Series: Deep cycle VRLA engineered for long life and suited to mobility, golf, solar and wind applications

DCG Series: Deep cycle gel batteries

PSL Series: LiFePO4 tech; light weight, higher capacity battery

PSL P/C Bluetooth Series: Monitor your battery status from a smart phone

PSOPzV Series: Tubular gel batteries

PG FT Series: General purpose long life VRLA batteries with added front terminal connectors

PG 2V Series: Uses special grid alloy and high purity materials to ensure less gassing and reduced self-discharge

PSH Series: Specifically designed for high-rate discharge UPS applications

Powersport: High quality and reliable for all Powersport needs




A-C Series: switch mode sealed lead acid chargers operate without transformers; ideal for cyclic applications where recharge time is critical

PC Series: Switch mode battery chargers automatical switch from higher fast charger voltage to lower float voltage when batteries are close to fully charged

Battery Sitter: automatic diagnostic battery optimiser and maintainer for 12V sealed Powersport batteries

Handheld Tester: for Powersport batteries



Demand Response Module

Fully integrated, high performance energy storage solution for medium and high voltage grid connection

Optimization software enables superfast response times; helps maintain grid stability