Raltron Overview

RaltronHHP is the local representative for Raltron, which offers one of the broadest lines of quartz crystals and crystal based products from simple resonators to precision oscillators, such as VCXO, TCXO, and OCXO. The company has also recently introduced RF products such as LTCC filters, baluns, band-pass filters, and both chip antennas and stub/patch antennas.


RCA Chip Antenna

Valued for their small footprint; most commonly integrated in circuit boards to radiate high frequency electromagnetic waves. They have a limited range, making them optimal for small devices such as cell phones and WiFi routers. Used for Bluetooth, low power wide area networks, GPS, Galileo, Sigfox, Zigbee, WiFi.

RDM Dome Antenna

Used for GLONASS, BeiDou.

RDP Dipole Antenna

The simplest, usually least expensive and most popular type of radio antenna. Used for low power wide area networks, Sigfox.

RLX Helix Antenna

Commonly used at earth-based stations in satellite communications systems.

RNF NFC Antenna

Near-field communication; used for communication between two devices at a short distance such as smartphones.

RPA Patch Antenna

Widely used in portable wireless devices; practical at microwave frequencies. Used for GPS, GLOLNASS, Galileo, BeiDou.

RPC PCB Antenna

Fabricated using microstrip techniques on a printed circuit board (PCB); microwave frequencies. Used for LTE.

RST Stub Antenna

Short UHF antennas, quarter-wavelength. Used for Bluetooth, low power wide area networks, GPS, Galileo, LTE, Sigfox, Zigbee, WiFi.

Frequency Components

Ceramic Resonators and Filters

Used in timing circuitry for a variety of apps such as communications and military apps.

Clock Oscillators

Provide clock signal for sequential logic circuits such as timers and counters.


Crystal clock oscillators - used when greater stability is a requirement.

Crystal Filters Monolithic and Discrete

MCFs perform where bandpass filters are needed for apps including use within IF stages of fixed and mobile radios. Discrete crystal filters are a better choice for very narrow or very wide bandwidth.

IEEE 1588 Oscillators

Meet requirements for oscillator parameters as established by the IEEE 1588 standard - including frequency stability, phase noise and jitter and short and medium term stability. Apps include telecom, audio and video networks.


LTCC Filters, Baluns and Diplexers

LTCC multi-layer ceramic devices integrate inductors and capacitors for signal processing. Compact size and superior performance over discrete circuits. Balons convert unbalanced signals to balanced; frequently used in TV antennas. Diplexers are passive devices that implement frequency-domain multiplexing.



Microelectromechanical system oscillators generate highly stable reference frequencies. Used as sequencers, managing data transfer, defining radio frequencies and measuring elapsed time; apps include phones, computers, radios, watches. Reduced energy consumption and footprint over traditional oscillators.

Microwave Filters and Duplexers

Dielectric ceramic filters and duplexers; apps include satellite receivers-down converters, GPS, Wireless LAN, cell phones.


Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator - maintained at certain temperature to prevent changes in frequency due to temperature. Control frequency of radio transmitters, cellular base stations, military comm equipment and precision frequency measurement.

Clock Oscillators and VCXOs

Fast turnaround clock oscillator with flexibility that reduces design time and cost. Low frequency crystal with low jitter frequency synthesizer provides wide range of frequencies. VCXO Series are voltage controlled.

SAW Filters and SAW Resonators

Surface Acoustic Wave filters and resonators are frequently used in cellphones and offer advantages in performance, cost and size over quartz crystals.

Synchronization Modules

High performance GPS time and frequency reference module designed for incorporation into integrated systems.


Temperature compensated crystal oscillator. Used in cellphones, base stations, mobile radios, GPS, broadband and utility metering. Used when temperature stability is required.

VCOs & PLL Synthesizers

Phased Locked Loop with voltage controlled oscillator enables rapid development of low phase noise synthesizer solutions for cell/4F, microwave radio, and military apps. LCC plus VCO a common method to create a high quality LO source (local oscillator).


VCXO (voltage controlled crystal oscillator) allows frequency to change by application of voltage across its varactor diode. A voltage controlled SAW oscillator uses a quartz SAW delay line as frequency controlling element. In terms of performance, VCSO falls between LCXO and lumped component voltage controlled oscillators (LC VCO).